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      January 2007

      Information Bulletin 019
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      4002 Plovdiv , Bulgaria

      90, Gladstone Str.
      tel.: +359 (32) 644 670
      +359 (32) 644 671
      +359 (32) 644 672
      fax: +359 (32) 644 675
      GSM +359 (886) 834 968
      [email protected]

      For over a decade NUTRIM Ltd. has developed and manufactured the highest quality food products, beverages and supplements for sportsmen and also for prophylactic nutrition and nutrition of patients with various diseases. Wide variety of consumer foods and drinks has been created and produced as well. Our research approach and our ambition to be a step ahead of the others won recognition the NUTRIM’s leadership and made our products in great demand and well-accepted in our country and abroad. Choosing the NUTRIM’s products you get the highest quality and best value!

      Specialized Formulas
      Sport Suplements

      Formulas for Clinical Nutrition

      Prophylactic Foods

      Foods and drinks for mass use

      Nutrim Grand Prix 2007…

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      TTE40 Tribulus Terrestris exctract…

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