Formulas for Clinical Nutrition

    Formulas for Clinical Nutrition

    NUTRIM Ltd. is a company specialized in the field of creation and manufacturing of specialized formulas for enteral (including tube) nutrition of patients with various diseases. These products are formulated by the Nutrim’s Research Team which includes distinguished and internationally recognized specialists and experts in physiology of nutrition and in technology of the foods. All these products are clinically tested and are included as the basic or supporting nutrition of the patients in ICU, trauma and surgical units, gastroenterology clinics etc. of most of the university and district hospitals.


    Specialized food product for patients with liver diseases – hepatitis, cirrhosis, bladder stone disease, and for humans which profession is associated with toxic factors of the environment


    Nutritional formula for patients with chronic kidney failure on dialysis


    Efficiently utilized nutrition formula for patients on tube feeding, patients with gastrointestinal disorders, patients in the convalescent period and with anorexia. Contains lyophilized LB bulgaricus and LB acidophilus


    Nutritional formula for patients with burnings, which need high-protein diet and also for patients for better recovery after burnings.