Prophylactic Foods and Beverages

    Prophylactic Foods and Beverage

    NUTRIM Ltd. manufactures specialized food products and drinks for prophylactic nutrition of people working in bad for the health environment. When included in the daily dietary regimen these products ensure the required for the respective diet preventive effect (in accordance with the Rule #8 of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health from 24 April 1984, published in the State Gazette 43/1987 with amendments to the Rule, published in State Gazette 89/1987 and 58/1993). Our products meet all requirements for dietary nutrition and are appropriate for workers suffering from wide spread chronic diseases (hypertonia, atherosclerosis, ulcers, diabetes, hyperlipidemia etc.). The prophylactic foods and drinks of NUTRIM Ltd. are recommended by the National Center for Ecology Occupational Medicine and Nutrition to the Ministry of Health of Republic of Bulgaria. Our biggest clients are companies as: Union Miniere (Pirdop), Sofia Waters (Sofia), Bulgarian State Railways (Sofia), Monbat (Montana), Liberty Food Services (Sofia), Express Party (Plovdiv) etc.

    The Prophylactic Nutrition in BulgariaOur products meet the requirements of the 5 prophylactic dietary regimens (A, B, C, D, and E) approved in Bulgaria On April 24, 1987 the Bulgarian…

    Soft drinks

    Powdered mixtures, used after dilution

    The products meet the daily demands for: – Animal and plant protein in people on A and C dietary regimens. – Sulfur containing ami…